Are Hover Boards Dangerous?

Tyson Hoverboard Fall

Hover Boards are everywhere.  Kids love them, adults love them, Mike Tyson loves them (well, he did), and Lawyers love them!  So are hover boards really dangerous?

Simple answer:  Of course, but the dangers are being blown way out of proportion.  Playing football is dangerous, but not every person that plays football will get a concussion.  Without getting scientific, the bottom line is that these hoverboards are new.  The original batch of hover boards were far from perfect.  The batteries were either dying very quickly or going on fire.  This was fixed pretty fast and Self Balancing Scooter manufacturers started making hover boards with better Chinese factory batteries or with name brand tested batteries such as Samsung and LG (yep, the same guys that make your TV’s and Cell Phones).  So be sure you buy a hover board with a good battery and you will be safe.

Ok, let’s take that last statement back.  You will definitely not be safe with a hover board.  Buy a good battery and you may be safe when it comes to a fire, but you can really get hurt using a hoverboard.  In our small town here we know of many hover board injuries, but if you don’t believe us, take a look at Iron Mike!

But, if you still insist on a owning a hoverboard click the banner below as all their scooters have been tested with good batteries and are certified!


Mike Tyson Falls Off Hover Board

Are hover boards really dangerous? Ask Mike Tyson.