Bruce Arians Breaks The NFL Hat Mold

Bruce Arians Breaks The NFL Hat Mold

This year Super Bowl 50 will take place and 99% of all NFL head coaches have been seen wearing baseball hats on the sidelines.  There have been some exceptions to this trend such as Tom Landry who wore his trademark Fedora pictured below.

Tom Landry's Hat

Tom Landry’s Fedora

A few years ago, Chip Kelly entered the NFL in Philadelphia and made the visor reappear.  He now has disappeared from Philly but we expect his visors to been seen on the sidelines in San Francisco.

Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly likes Visors

This year, the latest different form of hat to be worn on the sideline has been the Kangol brand hat worn by Bruce Arians (coach of the Arizona Cardinals).  The NFL has a rule where coaches must wear NFL Licensed headwear and these Kangol hats are not licensed by the NFL.  Some feared a fine coming for Arians, however the NFL has not fined him.  The coach wears the hat to bring attention to a charitable foundation he supports.

The Cardinals are now in the NFC Championship game so expected to see more of his hats for at least one more week.  I personally haven’t heard much about the Kangol hat since LL Cool J left the rap industry.

You can find the hats Arians wears below as well.